It’s Time for a Speak Off

On May 7, two BPW members (Terry Christopher, a CPA with Stapleton, Johnson & McDowell, and Gretta Paige Bellas, a Paralegal with Kira Doyle Law) will participate in a “speak-off” as part of BPW’s Individual Development Program.  The speak-off consists of a five-minute prepared speech and a two-minute impromptu speech.  The prepared speech will be on one of the following topics established by BPW/FL:


  1. Sheryl Sandberg, author of “Lean In,” believes the feminist revolution has stalled.  Sandberg writes extensively about the barriers women still face in the workplace, including “blatant and subtle sexism, discrimination and sexual harassment.”  Do you agree or disagree.  Explain your answer. 
  2. The ERA/Equal Rights Amendment has been on our legislative platform for many years.  Why is it still important and what fresh approach would you introduce to both new and seasoned voters?
  3. Many Millennials believe that pay equity already exists in the workplace.  How would you explain the pay inequity situation to them?
  4. Women-owned businesses contribute significantly to our economy, yet new businesses face many challenges.  What advice would you give to women considering starting their own business?
  5. What guidance would you give BPW/FL and your local organization to maintain (in fact, increase) membership and interest in a mission-focused volunteer-run organization? 
  6. STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) careers are widely touted as where our education system and tax dollars should be focused.  Do you agree that this is the best answer for women?  Explain your answer.


The winner of the speak-off will represent BPW/SPP at the BPW/FL State Conference on June 11-14 in Marathon, FL (i.e., the Keys).  Judges for this event will be BPW members Cynthia Gramberg, Judithanne McLauchlan and Sydni Shollenberger.

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