Join us for an interactive program featuring live music!

We are very excited to announce our June 4th, 2015 meeting featuring Erin Seibert, Board Certified Music Therapist. Learn about the history, research, and benefits of music therapy as used in the healthcare field. With guitar, song, and percussion too, this will be an educational and fun program for all. Be prepared to participate!

Trained in medical music therapy, she’s worked with a variety of people in many different settings including rehabilitation, psychiatric care, and hospice. Most of her career has centered on palliative care for children and adults using a wide range of musical genres to help address client goals.

Ms. Seibert graduated with a BA in Music Therapy-concentration in voice performance, and is a member of the National Institute for Infant and Child Medical Music Therapy. She is also pursuing her MA in Music Therapy at Berklee College of Music.

For more on how music therapy affects the brain’s inner-workings, see her blog at

To attend this one of a kind program, sign up here.

Erin Seibert Photo


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