Just say AAAHHH…How to relax when you’re sedentary

If you spend your day sitting at a desk for any length of time, (and who doesn’t these days!), this program is for you.

Please join us August 6th for a special presentation by Ben and Tricia Curry of St Pete Massage and Fitness. They will demonstrate how we can sit in comfort, relax at our desks, and improve our work-day performance with a few simple exercises you can do throughout the day.

Ben is a second-generation massage therapist and educator who has been practicing for ten years, while Tricia has been working in the wellness field for more than eight years as a massage therapist, yoga instructor, and certified strength and conditioning specialist.

Both are passionate about helping others to restore the body to normal function, and want to help you utilize the benefits of their training to learn proper desk posture. With the right layout for your desk and chair, you can minimize pain and discomfort, and improve your mental and physical health all day long.

Licensed therapists (Ben, MA49212 and Tricia MA53573), let them help you sail through your day feeling great and ready for a night out after work! They also offer classes at their licensed facility (MM32983), and individual massage sessions for all.

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