Transitions: From NFL Tough Guy to Community Patron

John Gilmore, Jr. has always been driven to succeed. Making it to the NFL as a professional football player is a testament to his talent, drive, and ambition. Yet he was smart enough to know that he needed to be prepared for life after football.

As a result, he successfully transitioned from pro sports to entrepreneur, philanthropist, and coach for other professional athletes, helping them to prepare for their own successful transition from the field to a lifetime of community involvement. For John, giving back is a lifestyle.

Join us on Thursday, August 20th to hear John tell us a bit about his own transition, while focusing on one of the many organizations he plays a major role in-the Centre for Women in Tampa. As Director, John is passionate about the Centre’s mission of helping women, girls, families, and seniors in need.

John is an active board member of Family-Resources and Bridgilance, and he also co-established the Gilmore-Henne Community Fund, building recreational facilities in his native Berks County, PA. When he’s not giving back across the country, he leads his business team at Gilmore Brands. A parent for several individual companies, he focuses on sports memorabilia and wearables, and creates a lifelong brand for the professional athletes he serves. John helps others use their celebrity for the good of the communities they live in, and shows them how to secure their own future beyond professional sports.

We’re excited to have our first-ever professional football player turned businessman tell us a little about his life and the organizations he supports. You won’t want to miss this one!

John Gilmore, Jr.

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