Are you SURE you’re communicating effectively?

You might be very surprised to find the answer is no!

Please join us on Nov 5th for a great presentation on how to use your own personality style to create win-win situations in your personal and professional life. You’ll also learn how to read other’s style and adjust the way you interact for greater success.

This unique program provides a taste of what you may have missed if you weren’t able to attend our first Individual Development Program, but you can catch up and still get a wealth of information by attending the next three sessions for this year.

Presented by Pat Huston, a life-long educator in a variety of fields, she says she “digs start ups” and has been at the forefront of developing new schools, Fortune 500 companies, and products. She is especially adept at teaching the non-traditional student, and revels in helping others find greater meaning in relationships.

Each participant will walk away with great understanding and a free mind-mapping tool, so sign up today!

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