Why Buy Local? Find Out January 21st!

We all love St Pete, right? And many of us have watched our city transform over the years from the place where old people went to die to the place where young people want to live it up. Many now come here to start or expand their businesses, based on the thriving local economy, the many visitors we get every year, and the increasing value of property here.

But do you really know the impact each of us has on our city when we spend our dollars at locally owned businesses rather than big box stores? Do you know how you can make a difference? Is there a way you can benefit from being a part of the ‘buy local’ movement?

Come find out from our speaker, Olga Bof, who started the Keep St Petersburg Local (KPSL) independent business alliance four short years ago. Membership has swelled to over 500 locally owned businesses and those who support them, creating additional jobs and keeping millions of dollars circulating in our local economy.

You won’t want to miss this important program that could help you help yourself by making small changes in your own buying habits!

Olga Bof

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