In Celebration of Black History Month

Come join us for a very special presentation by the St Pete Preservation Specialist Derek Kilborn as he tells us about the African American Heritage Trail. From concept to completion, Derek will explain what the Trail is, what it represents, where it’s located, and give us insight into several of the very special, strong, dynamic black women who were instrumental in maintaining black history and culture.

Mr. Kilborn’s background is in urban planning, and he’s been with the city of St Pete since 2000, first as a city planner, and now manager. He is passionate about our history and is willing to share his knowledge and expertise with us.

There will be four featured panels on the trail, with more in-depth information on “Women United”, “Empowered Negro Women”, “A Community of Caring”, and “Blazing the Way”. You won’t want to miss this important and powerful presentation on our collective history!


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