BPW Brain Boost – Third Thursday Events

August 2022


Save the Date – Thursday, August 18

Check back here for updates on the topic and the venue.

Previous Brain Boost Events

June and July 2022

July 21 - MS Teams
June 13 - MS Teams 2.1

Both of our June and July gatherings focused on Microsoft Teams. Many businesses are using Teams for both internal and external collaboration activities. Group chats with file storage reduce the volume of email and reduce the risk of leaving someone out. Meetings are a excellent alternative to other video meeting platforms/software. As a platform for collaboration, BPW made the choice to use this for many of our existing and newly forming committees.



What: Microsoft Teams with a Microsoft Professional
When: Thursday, July 21st, 2022
Time: 5:45 PM
Where: Thrive DTSP – 136 4th St N Ste 201, St. Pete



Does it annoy you to get 5 individual emails responding to one message when you are working on a committee or with a group? Do you spend hours sifting through your email looking for the one with the attachment you need to complete a task? Do your spam filters prevent you from getting some emails or attachments? Using MS Teams browser based group chat can help you avoid all that. If you are serving on at BPW committee or in a corporate environment that uses MS Teams, this Brain Boost can help you understand it, use it and increase your groups efficiency all at the same time.



Please Bring Your Laptop or Tablet