7/17/14 General Meeting: PACE Center for Girls

7/17/14 General Meeting: PACE Center for Girls

At PACE Center for Girls Pinellas—where they believe in girls—a single subject notebook can have multiple positive effects.

At our general membership meeting on July 17, we will hear from Executive Director Lynn Mattiace, who is new to her role, and Development Director Carla Mattern, who has been securing educational dollars and juvenile justice funds for the past two years to further PACE’s mission.

Since 1997, the goal of PACE Pinellas has been to increase personal and educational development by encouraging girls, ages 12-18, to remain in school and graduate. PACE is recognized as the most effective program in the nation for keeping girls out of the juvenile justice system and helping them find success in school, at home and in the community.

By providing mental health and social services, daily middle and high school instruction, development of school-to-work readiness skills and transition services with follow-up, PACE hopes to improve the quality of life for at risk girls by promoting and enabling young women to build self-esteem and develop personal, social, and family relationship skills.

How can you help? Bring a single subject notebook for a girl at PACE Center for Girls – it could be the key to inspiring a future writer, artist, historian or math whiz to believe in herself.

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