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Join us for a monthly luncheon meeting of the general membership. Usually held on the first Thursday of the month at Parkshore Grill, we have a fast paced hour that includes a speaker on a topic relevant to working women and a little business while we enjoy a delicious lunch. Guests are welcome but advance reservations are recommended.

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Signature Events

Vital to our mission for women’s workplace equity through advocacy, education and information are events enjoyed by the larger Tampa Bay Area community like our Unhappy Hour observance of Equal Pay Day in March, our Working Women’s Forum during National Business Women’s Week in October and our annual celebration of Women’s Equality Day in August.

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Do you support equity for all working women? Join BPW and help us fulfill our mission of equity for all working women through advocacy, education and connections. With an annual membership cost of $120*  you can participate in leadership programs, engage with our public policy platform, and enjoy local and statewide networking. *student and retiree memberships are available.

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Join us for July’s luncheon where Dr. Sandra Braham, the President & CEO of Gulf Coast JFCS and author of “An Angel for Detroit,” will share her professional and personal journeys and how they intersect, allowing her to live out a purposeful life of service.

Dr. Sandra Braham is President and CEO of Gulf Coast Jewish Family and Community Services (JFCS), a $60 million human social services agency with more than 650 employees. Under her transformational leadership, the company has added $28 million in revenue. Gulf Coast JFCS operationalizes over 50 programs covering areas such as child welfare, elder services and housing, behavioral health, workforce development, support for Holocaust survivors and refugee resettlement. She spearheaded the launch of the St. Petersburg Police Department’s award-winning CALL program, an innovative approach to policing that dispatches social workers in response to nonviolent 911 calls. Prior to relocating to Florida, Sandra served as of Associate Vice Provost at the University of Texas at El Paso and later spent 10 years overseeing the nation’s largest YWCA.

Sandra was the first African American woman to serve as Board Chair of the St. Petersburg Area Chamber of Commerce. She also serves as Board member for the Tampa Bay Chamber, the St. Petersburg Area Economic Development Center, and the International Women’s Forum, Florida Suncoast Chapter. Sandra is active with the national Network of Jewish Human Services Agencies, serving as co-chair of its DEI affinity group and its national conference. In May 2024 the national Network presented her its highest leadership award at the Pittsburgh conference. Sandra’s other honors include “First Lady of African American History” by The Woodson Museum of Florida, Businesswoman of the Year by the Tampa Bay Business Journal, The Tampa Bay Chamber’s Woman of Influence, Five Fabulous Females by St. Petersburg’s Academy Prep school, and 100 Black Men of Tampa Bay joined the Women Presidents Organization to honor Sandra with their Women of Color Award, recognizing her significant achievements in business.

Dr. Braham completed her bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of Missouri. She earned her master and doctorate in Educational Leadership from the University of Texas at El Paso. Sandra participated in Leadership Texas, Leadership America, and Harvard Business School’s Strategic Perspectives in Nonprofit Management executive education program. She further studied leadership from the Jewish perspective, which culminated in a 10-day trip to Israel. Sandra has been married to her husband Eric for 28 years and they have three adult children. Her memoir, “An Angel for Detroit,” was released in the fall of 2022 and details her life being born and raised by a mother with schizophrenia, and spending time in foster care. Her memoir further illustrates the faith, personal leadership and career journeys that contributed to her success today. She loves to golf, is the first African American female Copperhead for Valspar’s Copperhead Charities which distributes for than $1 million per year to Tampa Bay nonprofits. Sandra was featured on a cover of African American Golf Digest Magazine, following an historic trip to Scotland.

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Over 100 Years Strong

While mobilizing for World War I, the U.S. Government recognized the need for a cohesive group to coordinate identification of women’s available skills and experience.

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BPW Florida – There From The Start

The Florida Federation of Business and Professional Womens Clubs, Inc. was one of the first statewide BPW organizations in existence and continues to unite local organizations by setting our public policy platform, supporting the development of new and existing local organizations and creating opportunities for members to connect with like minded individuals from around the state of Florida.

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Locally Our Organization Started in the 1960s

Our state federation, BPW/Florida may have started at the beginning but our local was founded in 1966 as Mid-Day BPW because we met for lunch instead of the evening like most clubs.

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Your 2022-2023 Leadership Team

DEI and Affirmative Action


Understanding the nuances that differentiate Employment Equity (EE) and Affirmative Action (AA) is essential in creating a diverse, inclusive, and fair workplace. Although interconnected, these concepts have unique applications and implications.


Employment Equity provides equal opportunities, allowing everyone to thrive regardless of background or personal characteristics. This principle ensures everyone has the same access to career progression and personal development, eliminating discriminatory practices that might hamper their growth.


Conversely, Affirmative Action is a proactive policy to increase workplace and educational opportunities for demographic groups historically underrepresented in leadership and professional roles. AA is a countermeasure to systemic biases and prejudices, supporting those consistently deprived of fair and equal treatment.


It’s crucial to comprehend the seven pillars of diversity that underpin these principles and ensure their successful implementation:


    1. Access: Guaranteeing equal opportunities for all individuals.
    2. Attitude: Fostering a positive, accepting mindset towards differences.
    3. Choice: Ensuring individuals have the freedom to express their unique characteristics.
    4. Partnerships: Building solid relationships based on mutual respect and understanding.
    5. Communication: Encouraging open dialogue about diversity and inclusion.
    6. Policy: Implementing guidelines that uphold diversity and fairness.
    7. Opportunities: Creating equal chances for personal and professional growth.


As we strive to promote equality, diversity, and inclusion, we must address three significant barriers:


  1. Unconscious bias: Tackling the often invisible prejudices that can unfairly influence decisions.
  2. Lack of representation: Increasing the presence of underrepresented groups in all areas and levels of the organization.
  3. Privilege: Recognizing and mitigating some individuals’ advantages over others.


Lastly, it’s essential to note the connection between Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives and Affirmative Action. While DEI is a broad framework that aims to create an environment where everyone feels valued, Affirmative Action is a set of actions implemented to address historical and ongoing discrimination. DEI often encompasses Affirmative Action strategies as part of its toolkit, aiming to create a society where opportunities are genuinely equal. Together, DEI and Affirmative Action form the front line in the battle against structural barriers and the drive toward a more inclusive society.

BPW Florida Public Policy Platform

BPW/FL supports public policies that:
• ensure pay equity and equal employment opportunities for all women
• promote opportunities for women-owned businesses
• promote affordable, quality dependent care
• promote Social Security and retirement reform options benefiting women
• guarantee a workplace free from harassment and discrimination

BPW/FL supports public policies that:
• support the expansion of affordable care, including Medicaid, in Florida
• support funding and initiatives that cover women’s health care needs
• ensure women’s access to all health care and family planning needs, including full access to all forms of reproductive health services, education, and prescriptions

BPW/FL supports public policies that:
• promote free and fair elections
• are aimed at expanding voters’ access to the polls
• are designed to protect the right of all American citizens to vote in fairly drawn
legislative districts