A Vist from Charlie Justice

A Vist from Charlie Justice

July 6th was an informative luncheon as we welcome back County Commissioner Charlie Justice to share his valuable insights on the state of Pinellas County. A longtime friend of BPW, Commissioner Justice delved into the key initiatives and ongoing projects that are shaping the future of our community and as he often does, shared ways that we can be involved and impactful. It was opportunity to ask questions to one of our area’s long serving advocates for transparency, sustainability and infrastructure in the quest for economic prosperity. Reserve your seat today and be part of the conversation that is driving positive change locally and beyond.

More info on Commissioner Justice

Charlie Justice is a seasoned public servant and dedicated advocate for the residents of Pinellas County. With a deep-rooted passion for community engagement and public policy, he has committed his career to making a positive impact on the lives of his constituents. Earning his bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the University of South Florida, Commissioner Justice possesses a solid foundation of knowledge and understanding of the intricacies of local governance.

Commissioner Justice began his political journey in the Florida House of Representatives, serving two terms where he championed issues such as education, healthcare, and environmental protection. Recognized for his tireless work and strong leadership, he was elected to the Pinellas County Commission in 2012 and has since been re-elected, serving as the representative for District 3.

Throughout his tenure as County Commissioner, Charlie Justice has spearheaded numerous initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life in Pinellas County. He has been a driving force behind initiatives related to economic development, transportation infrastructure, and environmental sustainability. With his unwavering commitment to transparency and community input, Commissioner Justice has consistently demonstrated his dedication to ensuring that the needs and aspirations of Pinellas County residents are heard and addressed.