Local Organization Awards

Each April, we recognize members who have gone above and beyond for the good of our local organization (LO). We thank them for their enthusiasm, support, energy and commitment to BPW.

Rookie of the year.

In 2022, outgoing President, Michele Cavallo introduced a new award: Rookie of the Year. This award is given to a new member who in their first year of membership “leaned in” and joined committees, attended meetings and events and ran for a positions on our executive committee. This year’s recipient is Hani Bakir.

Previous Recipients

2022-2023 Amanda Cummins and Janine Duffy

2023-2024 Jennifer Lindley

Member of the Year

Chosen by the Executive Committee, this award is presented to the member who has made the greatest contribution to the club and its membership throughout the year.

Helen K. Leslie Award for Service and Dedication

Chosen by the President and named for Helen K. Leslie, a St. Petersburg BPW member who went on to serve as BPW/USA President, this award is presented to the member who has provided the greatest support and help to the president throughout the year.  Helen K. Leslie, a 70+-year member of BPW, continued to be an active member of BPW/St. Petersburg-Pinellas until her passing in 2022 just shy of her 101st birthday.

Past Member of the Year Recipients 

1975-1976 Constance Passmore
1976-1977 Marguerite Dawson
1977-1978 Vesta Bishop
1978-1979 Naida Schreck
1979-1980 Olga Cheyunski
1980-1981 Irma Marlis
1981-1982 Cindy White
1982-1983 Edna Jones
1983-1984 Alma Dishman
1984-1985 Stephanie Puffer
1985-1986 Cora Meares
1986-1987 Sally McCrary
1987-1988 Shirley Schmeizinger / Janelle Barlas
1990-1991 Sheri Buddin
1991-1992 Dana Maley
1992-1993 Sharon Morrow
1993-1994 Abbi Bliss
1994-1995 Louise Miller
1995-1996 Christine Lippard
1996-1997 Luisa Perez-Harvey
1997-1998 Tami Simms-Powel
1998-1999 Anita Babcock
1999-2000 Carolyn Wiggins
2000-2001 Sharon Moorhead
2001-2002 Helen Igar
2002-2003 Kris Self
2003-2004 Larry Renda
2004-2005 Becky Duffy
2005-2006 Kris Self
2006-2007 Kristine Ketcham
2009-2010 Marlene Connelly / Trish Conner
2010-2011 Lily Alcott
2011-2012 Gretta Paige Bellas
2012-2013 Ashley Adams
2013-2014 Helen Igar
2014-2015 Sheila Barry-Oliver / Jerri Evans
2015-2016 Anya Finegold
2016-2017 Lori Bremer
2017-2018 Tiki Hall Bates
2018-2019 Jane Byers
2019-2020 Tami Simms
2020-2021 Amy Dinovo
2021-2022 Amy Dinovo
2022-2023 Amanda Cummins and Janine Duffy
2023-2024 McKell Moorhead

Past Helen K. Leslie Award Winners

1977-1978 Gertrude Sumner
1978-1979 Constance Passmore
1979-1980 Vesta Bishop
1980-1981 Peggy Barger / Irma Marlis
1981-1982 Cindy White
1982-1983 Debbie Walker
1983-1984 Sally McCrary
1984-1985 Martha McLay
1985-1986 Janelle Q. Barlas
1986-1987 Pat Brown
1987-1988 Shirley Schmelzinger
1988-1989 Marlene Hacker
1989-1990 Helen Champlain
1990-1991 Laura McFadden
1991-1992 Karen Keaton
1992-1993 Helen Champlain
1993-1994 Tricia Berrett
1995-1996 Carolyn Wiggins
1996-1997 Christine Lippard
1997-1998 Karen Askey
1998-1999 Tami Simms-Powel
1999-2000 Dana Maley / Sharon Moorhead
2000-2001 Tami Simms-Powel
2001-2002 Cory Adler-Leidersdorff
2002-2003 Rosemary Schrader
2003-2004 Trish Conner
2004-2005 Renee Ladelfa
2005-2006 Becky Duffy
2006-2007 Kristin Guenthardt
2007-2008 Amy (Grashel) Dinovo
2009-2010 Tami Simms-Powel
2010-2011 Tami Simms-Powel
2011-2012 Sheila Barry-Oliver / Amy Dinovo
2012-2013 Alizza Punzalan-Randle
2014-2015 Amy Dinovo
2015-2016 Tricia Curry
2016-2017 Lily Alcott / Jane Byers
2017-2018 Amy Dinovo
2018-2019 Jerri Evans
2019-2020 Amy Dinovo
2020-2021 Helen Igar
2021-2022 Jerri Evans
2022-2023 Sheila Barry-Oliver
2023-2024 Amy Dinovo