Action Opportunity!  Petition for Women’s Healthcare Rights

Action Opportunity!  Petition for Women’s Healthcare Rights

For those of you that attended our last luncheon meeting this will be a bit familiar and as promised here is more information for you to review and act upon or pass along if you choose.

Floridians Protecting Freedom, a young activist group, is spearheading a Citizen’s Ballot Initiative to get an abortion access amendment on the 2024 General Election ballot in Florida.  The initiative is supported by the League of Women Voters, among other groups.  A lot of signatures from all over the state and not just metropolitan areas are needed, so please  network with your registered voter family/friend/co-workers across FL to achieve the goal of 900,000 valid signatures.  Networking quickly is a must, especially in less populated areas of the state.  Feel free to forward this email and attachments to other registered FL voters throughout the state.

Women’s healthcare rights is not a partisan issue.  And it should be decided by the people of FL and not politicians or the courts. The recent 15 and 6 week bans are too extreme.

Petitions must be printed out, filled out completely (so as not to be rejected) and mailed to the Sarasota address on the actual petition in a batch or individually.  Do not staple petitions together. Use a paperclip.

Attachments (click to download):
1. Simple summary & instructions.
2. Actual Public petition which must be printed and mailed to the Sarasota address (you can, however, email and make copies of these attachments to provide to others).
3. Actual proposed ballot language.

Time is of the essence as a certain threshold of petitions needs to be collected by a certain date for this to be taken seriously by the courts.  

If you have trouble with the downloads or if you wish to donate to the cause you may visit their website directly at: