Economic Forcast for 2022 – Preparing for the challenges facing Working Women

Economic Forcast for 2022 – Preparing for the challenges facing Working Women

Join us on Thursday, December 2 as we welcome Dr. Linda Lucas to lead a discussion on a variety of topics affecting working women in our shifting economy. Women’s participation in the workforce has dropped as many women have left the market, others are prioritizing mental health, some have renegotiated contracts with partners about who will be the earner in the family, some want higher pay or safer working environments-hours and benefits are totally negotiable now and access to child care is a huge determinant of a mother’s ability to work. On top of all that there are industry disruptions where women have traditionally dominated eg. medical institutions, education, service and this affects retirement and women’s ability to support themselves into old age. We are at the highest level of single households ever recorded. Do you have questions you’d like to address? Email them to us before the meeting at

Dr. Linda E. Lucas, longtime friend of BPW, taught economics and women’s studies in universities and colleges around the world including Eckerd College, the University of South Florida, the University of Notre Dame as well as in Mexico City, Bangkok, Thailand and Kampala Uganda. She received her Ph.D. in economics from the University of Hawaii and has published extensively in her fields including her book, Unpacking Globalization: Markets, Gender and Work.

Click Here to check out the presentation she gave to the which includes some great facts and resources.

Linda has been awarded three Fulbright fellowships, a Fellowship at the East West Center, teaching awards and is Professor Emerita of Economics at Eckerd College and Retired Assistant Dean of Special Projects in the Honors College at the University of South Florida (Tampa). She is a founding member of the International Association for Feminist Economics.

Linda is also active in local voter outreach campaigns. Last year she published her first poem.  She has two adult children and one grandchild.