2020 added momentum to the Diversity and Inclusion movement and increased the need for safe spaces where team members can develop authentic connections and share what they are experiencing both in their work and personal lives. By now many organizations have had their diversity and inclusion meeting, made their public statement, and/or sent their organizational email about where they stand; however, the conversations and actions around diversity and inclusion must be continuous to yield sustainable impact.

Simple conversations that allow friends (and BPW members) to share who they are and their experiences are just as important.  So how do you start meaningful conversations with each other? Meaningful conversations can expand our worldview, leaving us better informed and more connected to our friends and colleagues. During these times it is easy to rely heavily on digital communication tools such as email, instant messaging, and Zoom; however, we must not forget to make intentional efforts to develop authentic human connections . For BPW/SPP we will use conversation starters to open some of our meetings.

Here’s a question for you to start thinking. Over the next week, scan the news for a story that you would like to know more about but don’t know how to ask your closest circle of friends about for fear of the response. Prepare  to talk about it at your table at our next meeting. 
Stay tuned!

TBT Update 8/3/21

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