Jenn Russell – Teaching Diversity to Our Youth People

Jenn Russell – Teaching Diversity to Our Youth People


Jenn Yeagley Russell

GUEST SPEAKER for August 4. Jenn joined the Community Tampa Bay team in March 2014 with 15 years of experience in non-profit leadership, fundraising and program development. Prior to Community Tampa Bay, she served as Executive Director of My New Red Shoes, a homeless services organization in the San Francisco Bay Area. In San Francisco, she was also President of the Board of Directors for Development Executives Roundtable and an Advisory Board member for the Foundation Center. Jenn has a MA in English Literature with a focus on African-American women’s narratives. She has been a trainer in the areas of non-profit best practices, fundraising and diversity/inclusion for more than ten years. Jenn has volunteered internationally in Ghana and Brazil, as well as in Texas for Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. She’s also a comedy improviser, having performed with Tampa-based improv troupe Alpaca Suitcase. A former kickboxing instructor, Jenn loves being in the gym, cycling and spending time with her two rescue dogs.

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