Legislative Update 10-5-21

Legislative Update 10-5-21

BPW/SPP Members:  I wanted to update you on the Bans Off Our Bodies March and Rally that was held on Saturday, October 2.  There were over 1700 registered for the local event and I would say about that number actually participated.  There were speakers from a number of different organizations.  There were many signs in the park, some of them were new and some were left over from the Women’s March in January 2017.  People are passionate about this topic and it showed on Saturday. We had 4 BPW/SPP members available to give information about BPW at our table as well as several members who stopped by to say hi.  If you were there and we missed you, we are sorry for that.  As we go forward during this legislative year and hear more and more about different bills that relate to our Public Policy Platform the legislative committee will keep you advised.

As you have had much information over the last month about Item 4 of our Platform, I wanted to provide Item 5 Environment:  BPW/FL supports responsible legislation that ensures clean are, water, soil and energy.  We support legislative funding that will ensure the continuation of clean air, water, soil and energy and specific interactions with the environment.  We support these environmental concerns as they relate to women’s health, wealth and well-being and recognizing the large impact the environment has on them individually and their families.

-Jerri Evans
Legislative Chair
BPW/St. Petersburg-Pinellas

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