Member Spot Light 4/3/18 CL Osborn

Member Spot Light 4/3/18 CL Osborn

After over 30 years as a psychotherapist, author, speaker, coach and creator of the alternative to
traditional couples counseling: Conversations with Cupid; I think it’s way past time for couples to
have access to couples coaching that deals with the cause not just the symptoms couples struggle

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I created CWC because I have had many of the same issues, frustrations, heartaches and pains many
of you have experienced and I could not get the help I needed from traditional couple’s therapy or
relationship counseling even live seminars with famous relationship authors.

My story is no secret, I was going around and around in the same circles. (You will get all the skinny
on me as we begin to work together in this alternative to marriage therapy.) And I was left with the
same pain no matter what we did. Of course we blamed ourselves and each other and everything
else we could think of.

This pioneering new way to see and shape love relationships, is for couples stuck just like I was, in
painful and disruptive relationship patterns which could or have ended in separation or divorce. CWC
is for those who wish to save, recapture or elevate the love you have.

You may have tried it all just like I did, (books, therapy, relationship retreats and more) and all the
traditional stuff just isn’t working. I’m here to tell you, it’s never too late and Conversations with
Cupid, can change your life.

I researched and studied everything available for years and combined specific modalities of therapy
based on that research and the cutting edge fMRI research now available that lets us look inside the
brain to see just how our minds (conscious and subconscious) work. All that resulted is my
groundbreaking alternative to marriage counseling. CWC is making a return to phenomenal love
available to thousands of people who believe as I do that divorce is not the answer. Learning how to
create phenomenal love is the answer.

Did you know?
Who looks outside dreams,
Who looks inside awakens.
~ Carl G Jung

C.L. Osborn, psychotherapist, coach, author, speaker. CLO@CLOSBORN.COM . 303.378.5378
Stephen R. Nichols, Coaching Membership Services, Speaker. SRN@CLOSBORN.COM .813.810.0462