Heather Graeme


BPW Member Since 2003

Heather, a licensed massage therapist since 2003, is owner of the Therapeutic Massage Center where she and her team specialize in soft tissue pain.  An educator at heart, she has been teaching at the Cortiva Institute since 2011 and recently has begun developing curriculum for continuing education of licensed massage therapists throughout the United States.  She is passionate about the body, mind, and soul connection and the way it manifests in the physical world.







Michele Cavallo


BPW Member since 2016

Michele Cavallo holds a leadership role as the Director of Small and Medium Business Solutions at Duke Energy. Duke Energy is the nation’s largest utility serving approximately 7 million customers in the Midwest, Carolinas and Florida. Michele joined Duke Energy predecessor, Florida Power in 1989 and has extensive experience in external relations, customer service and economic development.  She is a member of the Public Policy Council of the St. Petersburg Chamber. Michele received her B.S. in Management from Florida State University and an MBA from the University of South Florida.







Audrey Wood


BPW Member since 2001

Audrey has over 15 years of experience in nonprofit as both a volunteer and professional staff person, and is currently the Executive Director at the Sun Coast Osteopathic Foundation.  Her career has included positions as Executive Director with both local and national organizations. Prior to entering the nonprofit profession, Audrey worked in the private sector with various technology firms focusing on the areas of client development and relationship management.  Giving back to the community has always been important, and she currently serves on a variety of committees and boards. Audrey holds a Bachelors Degree in Marketing from FSU and an MBA with concentrations in Social Responsibility and Management from USF-St Petersburg. A native Floridian, she has called St Pete home since 2000 and loves her neighborhood of Historic Kenwood where she lives with her cats, Tallahassee and Hogan.

Emilie Socash


Member Since 2020

Emilie Socash grew up in Spokane, Washington, but since 2006 has been enjoying living in the Sunshine State, with the last 10 spent living in St. Petersburg. Professionally, she boasts over 20 years in leadership roles in the nonprofit sector, She holds a masters degree in nonprofit management is now a Doctor of Psychology in organizational and leadership psychology, for which she focused her research on donor psychology. She now serves a variety of nonprofits through her consulting company, Empower Creative (www.empower-creative.com), offering training, mentoring, and teaching, including up-to-the-minute webinars on the PPP process. Emilie and her husband Shane own and operate David Reynolds Jewelry & Coin, and the two have two teenage daughters (Hila and Sophia), two chihuahuas (Cesar and Frida), and one tortoise (Spike). She’s an avid reader, crafter (particularly sewing), and traveler (especially road trips), and believes in leading a mission-driven life. To that end, Emilie is published and continues to promote the power of a personal mission statement through two books (Toolkit for Mission Development and Values Discovery Kit), personal mission statement coaching, and her blog writings.

Samantha Tallyn


Member Since 2018

Samantha Tallyn is a CPA and owner of Avocet Accounting and co-owner of Gulfshore Pest Control. Prior to the public accounting field, she spent 11 years in the banking industry working with small business owners. A native of Pensacola, she moved to the St. Petersburg area 7 years ago with her husband. She has her master’s in accounting from Saint Leo University and her bachelor’s in International Business from St. Petersburg College. She is on the board of directors for The Kind Mouse, a local non-profit in St. Petersburg, and involved with various groups in St. Petersburg/Tampa area. She enjoys many hobbies such as fly fishing, surfing, running, and yoga.

Amy Dinovo


BPW Member since 2005

Amy, a resident of St. Pete since her father was stationed at MacDill AFB in 1976, she has been involved with technology since getting her first computer at age 8 in 1980. Her company, Let Amy Handle It, combines her tech background and 14 years as a licensed Realtor to allow her clients to spend more time on relationships and less time on paperwork, follow up and behind the scenes legwork to create smooth and successful real estate transactions. Webmistress of BPW St. Petersburg – Pinellas since 2005, Amy brings a unique set of skills to help make our local organization run.

Carolyn Wiggins


BPW Member Since 1985

One of the longest continuous members in our local organization, Carolyn has served BPW St. Petersburg-Pinellas twice as President, many times as a member of the executive committee and even more as a committee chair and member. She’s also been active with The Education Foundation of the Florida Federation of BPW Clubs, Inc. our philanthropic arm that helps women cover the costs of higher education. A retired trust and estate administrator with Sun Trust Bank, Carolyn has 3 daughters (one is a past President of this local organization, too.), 7 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren.


BPW/St. Petersburg-Pinellas Presidents

BPW leaders stand on the shoulders of the women who have gone before them. The following women have served as President of our local organization (LO) since its founding in 1966. We thank them for their leadership, wisdom and commitment to BPW’s mission.

1966-1967    Erma Hallett Jaeckle
1967-1968    Charlot Segars Buchanan
1968-1969    Alsace Kenestrick
1969-1970    Margaret Hays & Maxine Siciliano Martin
1970-1971    Erma Hallett Jaeckle
1971-1972    Ruth Jacobs
1972-1973    Constance “Connie” Passmore
1973-1974    Gertrude Sumner
1974-1975    Louise Watson
1975-1976    Marguerite Dawson
1976-1977    Vesta Bishop
1977-1978    Iris Yilmaz & Connie Passmore
1978-1979    Irma Marlis
1979-1980    Peggy Barger
1980-1981    Florence Ianniello
1981-1982    Florence Ianniello & Edna Jones
1982-1983    Alma Dishman
1983-1984    Louise Watson & Martha McLay

1984-1985    Edna Jones
1985-1986    Sally (McCrary) Kamrada
1986-1987    Janelle (Barlas) Quinn
1987-1988    Barbara (B. J.) Munch
1988-1989    Shirley Schmelzinger
1989-1990    Marlene Hacker
1990-1991    Sheri (Buddin) Ellis
1991-1992    Sandra Holt
1992-1993    Karen S. Keaton
1993-1994    Louise Miller
1994-1995    Carolyn Wiggins
1995-1996    Abbi Bliss
1996-1997    Dana Maley
1997-1998    Christine (Lippard) Weigle
1998-1999    Karey Lofton
1999-2000    Tami Simms-Powel
2000-2001   Dana Maley & Paula Popovich
2001-2002   Paula Popovich & Luisa Perez Harvey

2002-2003   Cory Adler-Leidersdorff
2003-2004   Lisa Munafo
2004-2005   Kristin (Guenthardt) Smith
2005-2006   Trish Conner
2006-2007   Rosemary Schrader
2007-2008   Kris Self
2008-2009   Carolyn Wiggins
2009-2010   Sheila Barry-Oliver
2010-2011   Cynthia Jenkins
2011-2012   Tami Simms
2012-2013   Cynthia Gramberg
2013-2014   Gretta Paige Bellas
2014-2015   Alizza Punzalan-Randle
2015-2016   Amy Dinovo
2016-2017   Jerri Evans
2017-2018   Liz Illgen
2018-2019 Sheila Barry-Oliver
2019-2020 Jane Byers