Connie Passmore Scholarship

The Connie Passmore Scholarship was established by the Mid-Day Chapter of Business & Professional Women (BPW), now known as BPW/St. Petersburg-Pinellas, to honor one of its long-time members. Mrs. Passmore, who was a Florida Power employee, devoted many hours and much effort to advance the ideals and causes of BPW. She served as President of this chapter as well as holding several District and State positions. Her special interest was the Equal Rights Amendment and she carried on a vigorous campaign in support of its passage.

The Passmore Scholarship makes awards directly to women, age 21 or over, who live, work or go to school in Pinellas County, who demonstrate achievement, need and well-defined educational goals and who are attending an accredited program or a program recognized by the licensing agency in the certification area. Several awards between $250 and $1,000 are made each year. The Scholarship Committee is composed of the organization’s current and past presidents who are active members.

Deadlines are October 15 and April 15.  All completed forms should be mailed to BPW/St. Petersburg-Pinellas, P. O. Box 1063, St. Petersburg, FL 33731-1063 OR emailed to, so as to be received by the deadline. Applications for certificate programs allow for non-traditional start times.

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BPW hosts events each year to raise funds for these awards. Since 1993, we have awarded nearly $58,000 to more than 120 students.

Four scholarships were awarded in November 2018 to: Amelia Itteilag, who is studying for a BA at Eckerd College, Tertia Marshall, who is seeking mental health certification at Troy University, Karen Peek, who is studying for a BA at St. Petersburg College and Nichole Stanley, who is seeking mental health certification at Troy University.  Pictured below are (L to R): President Sheila Barry-Oliver with scholarship recipients Tertia Marshall, Nichole Stanley and Karen Peek and with scholarship recipient Amelia Itteilag.


Two scholarships were awarded in May 2019 to: Miranda Cottrell, who is studying for a BA in psychology at Eckerd College, and to Rachel Rademacher, who is studying for a BA in international business at Eckerd College.

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The Larry Renda Memorial Scholarships

For several years now, BPW / St. Petersburg-Pinellas has budgeted for those members who may have had financial difficulties that might prevent them from renewing their membership. In 2014, following the death of long time, active member, Larry Renda, these funds were renamed the Larry Renda Memorial Scholarships. They are intended to help members who are active to remain members in good standing.

Larry Renda was a member of BPW / St. Petersburg – Pinellas for more than a decade. We met Larry when Tami Simms quite literally ran into him at a Chamber of Commerce Showcase and he asked if BPW allowed men to join. Tami explained that it would be hypocritical for an organization so dedicated to equality, to discriminate based on gender. All he needed to do was support our mission…and support he did. Larry was a very active member during his time with us serving on committees, hosting holiday parties and strategy sessions and raising thousands of dollars for the BPW/FL Education Foundation as well as our own local Connie Passmore scholarships. He was a kindhearted man who would lend a helping hand, a shoulder to cry on, or  a well dressed arm at a charity gala. The membership scholarships were named for him because he embodied what it meant to be a member of BPW/St. Petersburg-Pinellas.

Larry Renda Scholarships are only available to existing members with at least one year paid membership. To apply, simply send a letter to the Executive Committee stating your intention and detailing you level of involvement with BPW.

Via email, send to:

Via mail, send to PO BOX 1063, St. Petersburg, FL 33731-1063