The Effects of Hunger On Education – Gina Wilkins of Kind Mouse

The Effects of Hunger On Education – Gina Wilkins of Kind Mouse

On August 3rd, BPW welcomes Gina Wilkins, Founder and CEO of The Kind Mouse, to speak with us about The Effect of Hunger on Education. Her organization is a nonprofit established in 2012 to assist local families in transition and their chronically hungry children. At that time, Gina was a self-employed certified architectural draftsman. Upon the decline in the economy she saw many of her friends and peers fall into financial despair. These
hardworking career people were too prideful to ask for help and eventually lost their homes and businesses.

Gina, wanting to help her proud friends, saw a need to assist these displaced families and to also feed the hungry children of her neighborhood. Currently The Kind Mouse is feeding 350 food insecure students every weekend through their Mouse Nibbles Weekend Feeding Program and an additional 90 students monthly through Pinellas County School Board’s Jane’s Pantry as well as assisting families monthly with food, pet supplies and housewares. Over the summer the student number increases to almost 400
students. The Kind Mouse has two peer to peer children’s clubs called Mice In Training and Mice Interns.

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