BPW/St. Petersburg – Pinellas Statement on Equity

Workplace equity for women means providing fair opportunities for all women based on their individual needs, talents, and strengths. Equity is distinct from equality in that the focus moves from providing everyone with the same resources and opportunities to recognizing that each individual has varying access to resources and privileges based on individual circumstances, which may hinder their ability to take fair advantage of opportunities. Achieving equity may require an investment in additional support as a temporary or permanent solution. Diversity and inclusion as well as understanding the impact of intersectionality are key to achieving workplace equity. Wage equity and diverse cross-level representation are two key measures of workplace equity.

2022-23 Committee Members

Sheila Barry-Oliver, Chair
Amanda Cummins
Amy Dinovo
Janine Duffy
Vicki Faulkner
Nylma Laureano
Ronnell Montgomery

At every other luncheon meeting, the committee delivers a DEI Moment. We also have them periodically in our Touch Base Tuesday e-Newsletter so we’ve also added them here below in the event that you missed one or would like to refer to the information that you heard at a recent meeting.


On the lower left, we have listed some of the program speakers that we’ve had at our luncheon meetings that spoke on topics related to DEI. Feel free to explore and stay tuned for upcoming luncheon speakers who will certainly be added to this growing list.


Diversity, equity and inclusion covers a wide range of topics. At the bottom of the page.you’ll find links to articles and resources that might be helpful in addressing these topics in your own businesses and organizations or personal life.